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Class Netflix Full Season 1 Download, Cast, Crew And Everything We Know So Far

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Class Web Series Netflix Download Full Season 1 Netflix India has released a new web series “Class” and the season 1 of class has 8 total episodes, the web series is made for the youngsters of India it is a crime, drama and thriller series, a remake of Spanish web series Élite.

Class Netflix India Download In HD If you are here to download class web series watch online free then today we will tell you how you can download and watch Index of Class Season 1 the right way but before that lets discuss about the latest Netflix web series “Class season 1”

Class Netflix Release Date In India

Get ready for a thrilling experience as “Class” arrives on Netflix India this Friday, 3rd February 2023. The series, which is highly anticipated by fans, as the trailer of the class web series netflix got 31 million views in 2 weeks, it will feature a total of 8 nail-biting episodes that are expected to keep you on the edge of your seatEach episode will be around 30-50 minutes long, providing just enough time to immerse yourself in the story without feeling overwhelmed.

This new series class web series netflix download is set to follow a similar storyline to Netflix’s hit show “Elite,” which has received widespread critical acclaim for its captivating plot and compelling characters. So, buckle up, and get ready for an exciting journey through the world of “Class.”

Class Netflix India Cast

  • Gurfateh Pirzada
  • Piyush Khati
  • Anjali Sivaraman
  • Madhyama Segal
  • Cwaayal Singh
  • Zeyn Shaw
  • Ayesha Kanga
  • Naina Bhan
  • Moses Koul
  • Chayan Chopra
  • Chintan Rachchh
  • class web series netflix download Get ready for a wild ride with a touch of humor as “Class” introduces you to three underprivileged students who are given the chance to attend one of Delhi’s most prestigious schools.

    This elite institution is known for producing India’s future leaders and only accepting the children of the country’s wealthiest families. But, our three heroes are about to shake things up!

    Money, scandals, and blackmailing are just the tip of the iceberg at this school, but our trio is determined to have a little fun along the way. Of course, things take a dark turn when a murder occurs, and the question on everyone’s minds is, “Who did it?”

Class netflix series download free 720p 1080p hd
Class netflix series download free 720p 1080p hd
class web series netflix download

Get ready for an electrifying experience as “Class” brings to you an official adaptation of the hit Spanish teen drama, “Elite.” This series explores the complex and often tumultuous relationships between students from diverse backgrounds who attend a prestigious school in Delhi.

On one hand, you have the high-profile students from wealthy families who are used to living the good life. On the other, you have new scholarship students from the slums who shake things up by joining them and breaking down the established social order.

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Class netflix series download free 720p 1080p hd

Q. Who is the Indian cast of class series?

Here is the Indian cast of class series on Netflix:
1. Piyush Khati played as Dheeraj Kumar Valmiki
2. Gurfateh Pirzada as Neeraj Kumar Valmiki
3. Anjali Sivaraman played Suhani Ahuja
4. Madhyama Segal as Saba Manzoor
5. Cwaayal Singh played Balli Sehrawat
6. Ayesha Kanga as Yashika Mehta
7. Chayan Chopra played Dhruv Sanghvi
8. Chintan Rachchh as Faruq Manzoor
9. Naina Bhan as Koel Kalra
10. Moses Koul played Sharan Gujral
11. Zeyn Shaw as Veer Ahuja

Q. Is class a remake of elite?

Yes, Class is a remake of Spanish web series Elite that was released on 5th October 2018.


Q. What is class web series Netflix release date?

Class web series Netflix release date: 3rd February 2023

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