PGSharp Standard Edition APK

PGSharp Standard Edition APK has been created and published by PGS TECHNOLOGY for those people who want to catch POGO from anywhere at any time without going directly to any place. It will help you to make your Pokémon GO game easier.

Using the Auto Walk feature of the latest PGSharp Standard Edition app, you will be able to roam the world through the map to grab Pokémon without having to go anywhere in the real life. It will help you to take your gaming experience to the next level.PGSharp Standard Edition APK.

And you will get extra priority from the top-level players.

So, if you are interested to play this game and want to catch the POGO from all over the world for free, you should download PGSharp Standard Edition application from here to your Android smartphone since there is no iOS or iPhone version.PGSharp Standard Edition APK,

Current VersionPGSharp Standard Edition APK V1.77.1
Size287 MB
Released26 August 2022

No rooted phone is required to use it.

PGSharp Standard Edition Features

You’ll find many unique functions in this tool that will help you to enjoy this adventure game more. Such as there is an Auto Walk feature that will help you to go to the USA, Canada, UK, or other countries to catch Pokémon without being visit real life.

Also, some more features are shared below.

  • Go virtually anywhere in the world to catch Pokémon by looking map
  • Use joysticks to move around the world without visiting in a real life
  • Preview Pokémon before you catch without any third-party tool
  • Auto Walk function for walking fast or slow everywhere automatically
  • Quickly move from one part of the world to another via the Teleport
  • Save the game and others so that it can be played online again later
  • Remember Poke Ball, Go Plus, and Virtual Go Plus functions are here

There are many more features available that can be enjoyed while playing it.

More than 4 million people around the world are using the PGSharp Standard Edition latest version on their Android smartphones to take their mobile or PC gaming experience higher. This is why you can also become one of them if you want.

How To Find PGSharp Activation Key

PGSharp license key is basically used to get the Standard Edition where a lot of features are available than the Free Version. However, in order to get the paid version, you need to purchase a monthly subscription package which costs $5 USD.

But there is a way to get the PGSharp activation key for free.

Let’s see the guide now about this,

1st Task: Download PGSharp Standard Edition APK from here and open it from your phone home bar after installing.

2nd Task: Go to the License section from the left Menu bar.

3rd Task: Select $5 USD Monthly or $15 USD Quarterly. And remember that you cannot bypass the 2 hours cooldown for this service.

4th Task: Tap the Continue button from here.

5th Task: Once you got the activation key from here, put it on the license box and activate it.

6th Task: Enjoy now every premium feature of the game completely free.

That’s enough.

Put the license key to the app to enjoy the premium version.

If you are not a high-level gamer, then the Free Version is enough for you. In the free version, you will get Teleport, Joystick, Favorites, Enhanced Throw, Encounter/Inventory IV, Caught Preview, Tap to Walk/Teleport, 100 IV Feed, Nearby Radar, etc. features.


We have come to the very end of this article finally.

If you like the app’s review, then try to download PGSharp Standard Edition APK from here to catch the POGO from anywhere completely free. It has a lot of features that will help you to enjoy many more features than the original Pokémon Go game.

And new versions are being created for iOS.

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