The titles of a few films are so apt that we are probably ready for what we are going to witness for the next couple of hours on-screen. Sila Nerangalil Sila Manidhargal is one such film as it walks us through the lives of four youngsters from different walks of life who get affected by one common event – a disastrous road accident. The emotional drama emphasises on the fact that life has always been kind to us and it’s only in our hands to set things right. The movie deals with the regret, remorse and realisation of individuals who were affected by an incident.

Debutant director, Vishal Venkat, has made sure that the message is loud and clear towards the end of the film, without being too preachy. However, when it comes to the initial staging and character sketching, the makers have made it too obvious for the audience to understand what kind of transformation they will be going through in the second half. The director kicks-off the film with Selvaraj’s (Nasser) character, as he carries out his morning rituals and walks down from his apartment to buy some milk.

That one continuous shot by cinematographer Meyyendiran clearly tells you how important this old man is and the events that unfold henceforth depend on his actions. In a few minutes, we are introduced to his son, Vijaykumar alias Vijay (Ashok Selvan), a caring youngster with anger management issues. He is established as someone who thinks that his decisions matter more than others. For instance, in one of the scenes, he refuses to take a day off from work to accompany his dad to deliver his marriage invitation to friends and relatives. However, little does he know that this decision would turn his life upside down and create an impact in the lives of many.

Meanwhile, we also get to see the life of Pradheesh (Abi Haasan), an aspiring actor and son of acclaimed filmmaker Arivazghagan (KS Ravikumar). His speech in the audio launch of his first film goes viral for all wrong reasons and he gets trolled on social media. That doesn’t stop there – Pradheesh gets embroiled in a road accident, which almost ruins his career. A senior software engineer, Praveen (Praveen Raja) who is waiting to return abroad and a housekeeping supervisor, (Rajasekar) Manikandan, who badly wants a higher posting at work, cross paths in their lives. What happens next form the crux of the story.

It is definitely not very easy delineating multiple characters and narrating their stories, while jumping between the various narratives, but Vishal Venkat has managed it with ease. These kinds of genres are always interesting to watch when done well as you will definitely have some takeaways from it. 


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