“Valimai” Movie Review – Valimai movie Leaked Online

Star Cast: 

Ajith, Kartikeya Gummakonda, Huma Qureshi, Bani J, Sumithra, Achyuth Kumar, Pugazh


 H. Vinoth

Ajith Kumar-starrer Valimai is a one man show by director H Vinoth. The movie is a typical police versus drug peddler story with chase scenes, slow motion entry and fights, and some super cop instances of Ajith.

The story starts with a series of chain snatching scenes where bikers on sport bikes are seen committing multiple crimes across the city of Chennai where the movie is set. The whole police force in the metro city is unable and unaware of such a gang even existing and performing such crimes along with drug peddling and it takes a super cop from Madurai to come to Chennai and crack down the case.

Enter Ajith Kumar, in a typical mass entry scene where his fans will surely welcome their ‘Thala’ with whistles, claps and slogans! However, even Ajith’s slow motion action sequences, bike chase scenes and dialogues can’t save the script and overacting by other supporting actors.

The action sequences have bikes and it looks more like a KTM bike advertisement. Wide shots, close ups, and stunts all of it is a perfect ad campaign for the brand. Though we some new and innovative action choreography, it is purely for mass entertainment and only for Ajith fans to get a chance for some ‘whistlepodu’ through the movie.

Usually, the mantra for such mass entertaining films are action-packed scenes and punch dialogues. However, in the film, Ajith doesn’t have a single impressive punch line. When the script and story doesn’t have a strong hold, none of the actors can support it. And in this case, what drowns the movie further are Kartikeya Gummakonda and VJ Bani’s pairing and acting as protagonists. Kartikeya is a powerhouse of overacting in the film and VJ Bani on the other hand can single handedly bring down a powerful sequence. The last time Bani was seen in front of the camera with bikes, she was doing well in Roadies. Unfortunately, this time the bikes and script didn’t work for her.

Overall, the movie is only about Ajith and is a treat for every Ajith fan. Besides slow motion walks, and some scenic shots, there is nothing that the movie has to offer. Valimai translates to Strength and that’s exactly what the script and direction lacks.


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