It is a relevant question to have, especially in current times. And the film argues that the answer is the title — Veerame Vaagai Soodum (which roughly translates to fortune favours the brave). VVS has three different stories where the common man is failed by the system, and harassed by the powerful. One is the story of Dwaraka (Raveena Ravi) and her family. Her brother Porus (Vishal) is a hot-headed police aspirant, her father is a constable. Even that doesn’t get the system to stop her from being harassed by the local good.

 And yet, his most used parable is a story of a mosquito and a lion. Calling himself a mosquito, Parisuddham claims that his powerful enemies might be able to squash him. But they won’t be able to stop the lion which will eventually confront them, and annihilate them. So much for fighting one’s own battles.

VVS is consistently bogged down by such conundrums. Almost the entire second half of the film has the villain committing several murders to throw Porus off his trail. The reason we get is that, if Porus finds out who he is, the villain’s political aspirations will be ruined. The simpler thing would be to kill Porus himself, but our villain prefers to play a hide-and-seek game and murder multiple people because he believes this is easier to cover. (Whut?!) And, Porus — the seemingly common man who has finally put his foot down to the injustice happening around him — is no ordinary man either. He is hyped up, even by policemen on his hunt. So the premise of a ‘common man’ fighting back feels like a farce. The actual common people in this film, only seem to be waiting for the Hero’s arrival.

The women in this film, thankfully, prove to be of some significance to the narrative. But this ‘punch dialogue’ doesn’t apply to the other women in this film who are harassed by men, purely because their egos are rejected.

Nevertheless, there is an effort to rationalise everything. I liked how the narrative tried to provide reason to the smaller moments and foreshadows it. But these do not plug in all the loopholes. The film wants to try something new but is not ready to let go of its dated cliches. Just like how it wants its hero to be a common man, but treats him like the garden variety cinema vigilante.


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